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Web based acrobatics school with visual instructions on how to build acrobatic constellations such as pair acrobatics, trios, quadruplets and even larger pyramids. Suited for beginners, medium, continue and advanced level. Includes ecvilibristics (art of standing on ones hands). All material is protected by copyright but may be ussed for private purpose. On uncertainty contact the originator of this page   Eric Sherbin  or check the law of copyright.

till Web baserad akrobatik skola

Acrobatics Workshops

Now and then intensive acrobatis workshops are arranged during a week or for a day.
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Other shools in Swedwen


There's an Acrobatics and Gymnastics group at IH (Idrottshögskolan) in Stockholm. It was originally meant to be only for students but it is now open to everybody who's turned 18. Usual training times are tuesdays and thursdays from 19.00 to 21.00 in gymroom 2. The closest Metro station is Stadion.


There has been a sports acrobatics group by the Brommagymnasts (sadly enough it has been cancelled). It was bent on competition and recruited its' members mostly from gymnasts. The age limit was from 10 years and older. The training was located in a gymroom in Åkeshov. Closest Subway station Åkeshov.


A similar activity ahs been started during the summer of 2001 by the Upplands Väsby Gymnasts. Come autumn there will be a regular competing sports acrobatics group if interest prevails.


An another group of sportsacrobatics is planned in Huddinge commencing
the autumn term of 2001. For more information contact Petter Kruth.


There's a group of sportsacrobats in Karlskrona. For more info write to
Izabella Olsson.

6) At Skansen (Swedens' largest outdoor Museum) there are circus activities
that include acrobatics.

There's also child acrobatics at Birkagården.

8) Cirkus Cirkör has started instructor led acrobatics tuition from sprinterm of 2001 and on. For more info write to Cirkus Cirkör or Phone:08-714 9086.
9) The cirkus High School in Botkkyrka and the icce house have tuition in acrobatics.
10) The dancecenter in Stockholm has an acrobatics course. For more info go to - or phone 08-640 6200.
11) In Gävle there's a cirkus high school with an element of acrobatics.
12) In the summertime we usually train and teach acrobatics in the parks of stockholm (free of charge).
13) (If you know of any other acrobatics places please share the information.)

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