Acrobats - help us find each other!

The acribatics site is currently run by Eric Sherbin (originator), but his hopes are that more that more and more people will get in touch with him an offer to help out with maintenance, translations to other languages, gathering new acrobatics related material, administration and commercials (PR) all in the name of acrobatics — everything that may contribute to : the greater purpose:

The greater purpose is to create an infrastructure in Sweden suitable for pursuing sports acrobatics and circus acrobatics independent of which city one turns up in; to build up and maintain a network of people with an interest for acrobatics so one easily may find the time and place where people on the right level of skill are training. Eventually we should be able to arrange acrobatics festivals with guests from around the globe, and also be able to compete in sportsaccrobatics on a national and international scale.

Do you happen to know any acrobats who train/teach in Stockholm o other places in Sweden? Would you like to convey information to them about our acrobatics activities, and inform us on their trainig routines and places? Or maybe you know were good acrobatics books can be found, or pictures, videos and/or other acrobatics material?
If you can contribute in any way, don't hesitate to CONTACT US!

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